"Training Starts The Moment You Get Your Dog"

Dog Training Programs Designed To Work For You!

One-On-One Private Lessons

(Travel fee may be applied)

Three different options, single sessions, a pack of five and a pack of seven. You can mix and match to add up the number of 1 on 1 sessions you wish you buy

Single sessions $145

5 lessons for $600

7 lessons for $805


Masters Class
(follow ups) $30

Our AMAZING group class for dogs that have completed boot-camp or 1 on 1 training with us! 

This is where you the owner gains 100% confidence handling your dog ANY TIME, ANY PLACE! 

Your dog already knows what to do. Now it’s time for you to learn!

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Our Board and Train Programs

(5) Month and younger

Puppy BOOT-CAMP Train Programs $1600 (Two week)

During puppy boot-camp we work on potty training, Engagement,  and teaching your dog basic obedience commands (Sit, Lay down, come, place) .LENGTH OF THE BOOTCAMP WILL BE DETERMINED BY OUR TRAINER AFTER PERFORMING AND EVALUATION. (minimum 2 weeks)

(5) Month and Older

2-Week BOOT-CAMP / $2150

This program is designed to teach your dog the 2 commands that EVERY SINGLE DOG should have. If your dog has a solid RECALL and a PLACE command you will be able to help them through most scenarios in life.

Once your dog knows place and come you will have a solid base to build on weather it be in our pack clases or 1 on 1

3-Week BOOT-CAMP / $3150 (ADVANCED) OUR MOST POPULAR training program!

Our 3 week bootcamp is designed to turn your rowdy dog into the dog you know he or she can be. While here your dog will learn the 5 commands every owner wishes they had PLACE, COME, HEEL, DOWN & SIT.  they will be able to perform all five commands any time any place

Competition and Sport Obedience