Board and Trains

2-Week Foundation BOOT-CAMP / $2800

(5) Month and Older

This program is designed to teach your dog the 2 commands that EVERY SINGLE DOG should have. If your dog has a solid RECALL and a PLACE command you will be able to help them through most scenarios in life.

Once your dog knows place and come you will have a solid base to build on weather it be in our pack clases or 1 on 1

3-Week BOOT-CAMP / $3800 (ADVANCED) OUR MOST POPULAR training program!

If you want a well-behaved dog both on & off leash, this is the program for you. It really is DOGGIE BOOT CAMP! This program is for dogs with no MAJOR/SEVERE behavioral issues (human or dog aggression, separation anxiety etc.) ALL behavioral issues require an in person evaluation to make sure our program is a good fit for your dog and your goals

A dog's body language never lies!

Unlike other places we DO NOT want to break your dogs spirit and change their personality to get them to listen, we DO want your dog to listen to all of your commands, but the goal is ALWAYS to maintain your dog’s good spirit and body language while making sure he or she learns good manners and is obedient to you!

Your dog will learn the following:

  • HEEL – Walking nicely on a leash (no more pulling, lunging or barking!)
  • COME – Getting your dog to come back regardless of distractions
  • PLACE – Go to bed and stay there until you tell them they may come off of it
  • SIT and LAY DOWN – not just at home for a treat where there are no distractions but even in public with distractions. ALL of our commands come with an implied stay meaning the dog will continue to perform that behavior until you release them! (duration of the command will vary on the dogs age, and how much training the handler continues to do after the dog goes home)

While here:

Your dog will be exposed to other dogs, and if we find it beneficial they may even interact with other dogs but ALWAYS under supervision. They will also get to go on public outings to new places like parks, businesses where dogs are allowed and areas where they will encounter people

Our follow up programs is SECOND TO NONE.

Training your dog is 50% of the equation so At the end of the program we focus on training you! We always say if you go back to doing things the old way so will your dog, so you have to be prepared to learn how to properly handle your dog “the new way” going forward.

The day you pick up your dog you will receive a send home session where we show you EVERYTHING your dog has learn while they were here with us but it is impossible for anyone to MASTER everything in just a couple of hours, so we give you FREE follow up classes for as long as you have your dog, we call those MASTERS CLASS! Right now we host those classes every Wednesday at 5:45 PM and Saturdays at 1:00 PM

The Program Includes:

  • Free Masters Class For Life, (as long as you have kept up with your dog’s training.)
  • Daily updates and pictures of your dog on our social media
  • Training tool kit (Mini Educator E-Collar, Herm Sprenger Prong Collar (if needed), slip leash, long leash)
  • Instructions on how to work the E-Collar and other tools
  • Send home session when you pick up your dog
  • Directions on how to properly follow through when you give your dog a command
  • Full access to join us for pack walk for free whenever we host them
  • Lifetime Support and Communication with our trainers


BEHAVIORAL BOOT CAMP/$4,800 for 4 weeks (+ $1,000 per extra week)

If your dog has behavioral issues such as aggression towards people or dogs, Destructive
behavior in the home, separation anxiety, etc. this is the program for you!

Your dog will get everything that comes with the 3 weeks bootcamp on top of anything they
need to address such behavioral issues!

The program can be anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks
because when it comes to dog behavior Every case is different and dogs with major
behavioral issues MUST NOT be rushed!

REFRESHER BOOT CAMP/$1,200 for one week (+ $200 per day)

Perfect dog training program for dogs that have been previously trained but just need a little
refresher, or if you’re going on vacation and don’t want your dog to sit at a boarding facility
regressing from any training you may have done in the past, you can sign your dog up for
the REFRESHER BOOTCAMP where we will maintain and improve any training they
already had!